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When you drive north from Eagle Plains for about twenty miles you cross the Arctic Circle.
Latitude 66 degr.33min. north, to be precise.

The outhouses are there for those among us to selfconcious to commune with nature in public.
 They are tied down with steel cables to prevent them flying away, some pretty hefty winds can happen in that country.
We didn't go any further north on that trip due to shortage of time,that's a project for another summer.
Also, due to a wet spring and a lack of steady wind, the blackflies were really bad. As soon as you stopped the car there was this black cloud surrounding you, just waiting for a cracked open window or something like that. A full headnet is needed to cope with this. I never set up a tent that fast ever.

Ofcourse, if you don't like the blackflies and that sort of thing, you could make the trip in the WINTER.