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A friend took these pictures on a trip to Inuvik,NWT
during the week from Feb.12 to Feb.18,2000
Average temp. -43C or -45.4F
In the third photo a snowblower removes drifts,
and the Arctic Circle sign doesn't look near as inviting as in the summer.
This is how much daylight you get two months after the winter solstice:
high noon in the Arctic.
Arctic Red River, don't miss the turn at the bottom of the hill!
The ferry is hauled ashore in the winter and an icebridge is used instead.
Sometimes the only way to see the road is by the tiretracks and the snowplow ridges along the side.
And so you finally arrive at Inuvik,
the old boat hasn't moved in years.
And don't forget to dress warm, unless you want to take the Air North plane, which will get you there in an hour and a half from Whitehorse.( ofcourse you'd still have to dress warm)

These photos were graciously lend to me by Pat Howell, who owns them.
So don't steal them. Lobird