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The Dempster  Highway

As I said ,this is the link between the South and Inuvik, NWT and the rest of the arctic region.

It starts about twentyfive miles this side of Dawson City and ends in Inuvik.
476 miles of wild and beautiful  country.

When you start up this road, you better make sure you have good tires and a full tank of gas, the tires take a beating if you drive too fast. Part of  the road is built with crushed shale, with sharp pieces,that can cut right through a tire sidewall. Right at the cutoff is a big truckstop with all the necessities for checking your vehicle out. You better do it, because the next stop is Eagle Plains (mile 231) and no services in between whatsoever.  I have heard people say, "So what, it's only a little over twohundred miles."  Just trust me on this,ok?

The first part of the road leads through forested  country, although the spruce around here doesn't get very big.    The  little  tree  in  the  third  picture is  probably  50-60 years old.

You won't see a whole lot of yellow centerlines on the Dempster, I just liked the picture.

This way