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               Fortyfive miles up the road you arrive at the Tombstone Campground. We camped therefor the  nite and spent a enjoyable evening. The surroundings are beautiful, but don't drink the water out of the creek, it's blacker than a welldigger's butt. It has something  to do with the rocks it runs through further up in the hills.  There  were  a  few  mosquitoes  around , but  nothing major, at least not until you get farther north.
The campground is right in a  grove of sprucetrees, nicely sheltered.


        A couple of miles up the road is the North  Fork Pass, you stop on top and have a look around.
        Just of the road is a bit of a creek,  it still had about five feet of ice in places. This was in July.

In the last picture is a sharp mountain far in the background,
that is Tombstone Mountain after which  the  whole  area  is  named.
More road