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We left town fairly late, so the first night we stayed at a friend's place, The first picture shows the view out of the bedroom window, a person could learn to like live this, I think. The next morning we put the boat in and  loaded it.
The boat will do 40 mph @ 4500 rpm, Evinrude V6 2stroke, 175hp jet, mounted upright and still only 5gl per hour  Awesome piece of machinery.


We stayed at "Brooksland", The Brook's have been there for years and have a pretty nice homestead. They rent cabins,one of which we had. The two dogs were always ready for a game, as a matter of fact they always waited on the dock for us to come back, toys ready. It's an amazing place, here we were in the middle of nowhere with all the amenities of home. The cabin had propane cooking, woodstove, all linen and bedding, running water, dishes,pots'npans,etc. Only cable and phone were missing! Good thing too!

Here's a map of the area we covered. (#20 is the place where we stayed)The river is right across from Atlin.