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Atlin Lake is the start of the Yukon River, it's about 90 miles long and all of it drains though the Atlin River. The river is +/_ 2.5 miles long  and  drops around 32ft in that span. Average width around 125ft and 10ft deep at high water. Speed about 20 mph. Also a number of dumptruck sized boulders placed in strategic spots just to keep your attention. Once you come out of the river you are in Graham Inlet, where "Brooksland" is located on the South shore. It is centrally locxated in the Southern Lakes system, which makes it a perfect basecamp for exploring the whole system.

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About half way down the Taku Arm on the east shore lays the Engineer Mine. It has been operated off and on by various owners since the turn of the century. Right now (1999) it's off. The old mill is still there sitting on the shore, but it is gradually falling apart.( center pic.)In it's heyday during the teens and twenties there was quite the townsite. The b/w photo shows the steamer "Tushi" tied up at the dock. Except for a few remnant sheds and such the falsefronted building in the center of the picture, the original Burns store, is the only remaining building. It has been maintained and is in reasonable shape. If you want to know more about the mine, go here.