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Kusawa Lake

Kusawa Lake is about 50 miles North of Whitehorse, you turn off the Alaska Hiway and follow the access road for about 15 miles.
Eventually you come to the first campsite,"Suburbia on wheels", nothing but wall-to-wall RV's complete with kiddies playground.
If you like that sort of "camping", this is your spot. If you want something different, keep on going until you get to the second one, this one is mainly for campers and small rv's. The sites are a little farther apart, and are semiprivate.Here is also a good,spacious boatlaunch.and finally,you can still keep on going past the mudslide to the last campground, this one is mainly for tents and other small arrangements. All three  are government maintained and are well kept up.If you like a little privacy, the third one is the one. You can put your boat in the water at the boatramp and pull it ashore near your campsite right on the sandy beach.


The lake is long (about 50 miles)and maybe two miles wide,and it can get very rough, when the wind picks up. 6 foot waves within fifteen or twenty minutes are not unusual, so a boat has to be able to cope with that.
The water is very clear and cold. 

If the weather is nice and calm, you can lay in your boat about halfway across the lake, and watch groups of Dallsheep grazing on the bare slopes on the other side.