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Harbour Royale

 When you go down Tagish Lake and about five miles before you hit the narrows you see on your right a small entrance in the otherwise uninterupted shoreline of the lake. This is the entrance to Harbour Royale. The cove is shaped a bit like a fryingpan, where the handle is the entrance. It is quite narrow, no more than about 60 feet. Which makes it the ultimate shelter from bad weather, it can be blowing with six foot waves on the lake but the cove will barely have  a ripple on the water.
This is the property of Bob Geddes, who has a small camp there. You are welcome to stay there, because that's the business he's in. He rents cabins, does guiding for fishing, photography safaries, etc. Or you can just lay around and smell the pines and totally relax. Whatever turns your crank, it is an awesome place. You can either fly in or boat in, the cove is big enough  for a floatplane to land, probably about a third of a mile across and about a mile long. But enough of the blahblah, look for yourself.
First of all, this is what it looks like from the air,  Tagish lake, the Narrows, the start of Taku Arm and the top piece of water Graham Inlet, where Jim Brook's place is. To the right Deep Bay and the Harbour is visible just to the left of centre.

The dark spot near the middle of the picture is the entrance. In the summer evening the water is totally smooth.

  The entrance can be seen here, a houseboat is just leaving. 

Unless you are experienced in trucking around the bush, you should only go wandering off in the company of others. This black bear is about a hundred yards from the cabins. And here's another one.

 The cabins as seen from the boat.
And a little closer. 

The dock is big enough for several boats, also pretty handy for cleaning a couple of good sizes lakers. That's laketrout to you.  While we're on the subject of fish, how about this  and this, eh? 

  The "Dorothy", a beautiful 1930's motorboat, anchored for the night and leaving Harbour R. after a visit.

Just outside the entrance looking Northeast.

Just peace and quiet, Yukon style,  or sit around the fire and watch the sunset and swap tall tales and such.