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Just on the southside of the bridge by Johnson's Crossing the Canol road starts. It winds it's way north through some of the prettiest country around these parts.
It was built during WWII to access a pipeline from Norman Wells to Whitehorse. The pipeline is long gone, but the road remains as a tourist road, being a alternative route to Ross River. The whole road was declared a heritage site some years ago, and so it should be. It was built by war standards, as quick as possible, so it took the way of least resistance. Consequently you cross the Rose river 6 times while you wander back and forth through the valley.
After you are getting dizzy from the backandforths and upanddowns you might see this sign. 

    You will see wildlife 

  48 miles up the road from the Alaska highway you arrive at the Quiet Lake campground,  a beautiful place to spend some time. Due to the fact that this road is a bit of the beaten path you might find yourself sharing this place with only a few others in the 17 camp sites, or maybe none at all during the weekdays. There is great fishing on the lake too, so bring a boat.

After you leave the campground the road stays alongside the lake for a ways, when you pass the road maintenancecamp you turn away from the lake and start climbing. the valley begins to narrow a little and the road wanders back and forth. It also is quite narrow here, but generally in good shape. No speedway though, you're lucky if you can maintain a 25mph average.
In due time you pass Lapie lake, then you start climbing some more again, and after a while the road is really carved out of the side of the mountain . When you look straight down over the bank, you see the Lapie river below you.   

Coming back down to river level you cross it on a single lane WWII Baileybridge,(rattle,clunk,clunk,rattle). Just across the river you find a small campground, good place to spend some time as there is great grayling fishing at that point. The valley widens out again and the road follows the river for a ways and then wanders away from the river and into the hills again until you reach the Campbell Hiway at mile 140 a few miles from Ross River.
When you take the ferry at Ross River, you are on the North Canol, but that's another trip.